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Faveri’s Sponsors the West End Clean Sweep

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West End Biz Clean Sweep sponsored by Faveri's Wood Furniture

We were excited to be a part of the West End Biz‘s annual Sweep Off on April 25.  Though we didn’t get right in there like the Grade 9 students from General Wolfe School did, we supported it financially, after all we love our neighbourhood and we want it to be beautiful!

You can see our friends in the Metro wearing our Faveri’s T-Shirts, co-sponsored by the University of Winnipeg.  We also happened to be driving by on the morning of the sweep and grabbed a quick shot!

More than 300 students from neighbourhood schools took part in the initiative to pick up litter and sweep up sand left over from the winter in West End sidewalks, boulevards and parks.

As Gloria Cardwell-Hoeppner, executive director of the West End BIZ said in a statement on the Metro article: “This program has been going on for 27 years and that really speaks to its success. While giving the area a good sweep, the students really learn what goes down…someone has to pick up!”

Thank you West End Biz, for letting us be a part of the good stuff happening in our Community.


Wood Care Tips | How to protect your investment

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These wood care tips will help you keep your furniture beautiful for years to come.

What is your furniture made from?

Faveri’s furniture is made from sustainable sources in North America including wood such as Alder, Oak, Quarter Sawn Oak, Pine, Birch, Walnut, Cherry, Brown Maple and Wormy Maple.

So how do I keep this beautiful Faveri’s piece looking great for many years?

A lot of effort has gone into using the best products to insure a finish that will protect the wood craftsmanship of every piece.

  • Baby it at your house for the first 30 days to give the finish time to cure.
  • Play defence by using placemats under rough plates, trivets to protect from heat of serving dishes, and a tablecloth when you are serving large groups.
  • Outside the kitchen, it’s always a good idea to use coasters and wipe off any condensation when you’re done.
  • Keep in mind that any piece used as a work surface could be permanently etched if someone is pressing too hard with a pen or pencil, and protect these surfaces accordingly.

Beat the heat & humidity!

Try not to leave something on your solid wood furniture for a long time if that piece gets a lot of sun. Some woods like Cherry, tend to change colour over time when exposed to light.

Just like us, solid wood furniture is always breathing. Very high levels of humidity can lead to warping and swelling, while very dry air may cause shrinking or cracking. If we are not comfortable with the humidity level, neither are our solid wood pieces. you should maintain the level of humidity in your home at around 35 percent.

Don’t sweat it, just wipe it!

Things get spilled from time to time. It happens. Just wipe it off as soon as your are aware of it. The finish does the work. Only prolonged exposure to moisture will damage the furniture.

Hold the chemicals!

When cleaning use only water and microfibre cloths. In fact, using chemicals or any other products with silicone, wax, solvents, or abrasives could damage the finish.

Following these care instructions will keep your Faveri’s Furniture looking great for years!

If you need further wood care information, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our team is educated in all things wood and finishing.